Theo's coding games

Zombies Attack - July 2019Boat Race - Feb 2018Bob Marley Quiz - Mar 2018

Use 'arrows' on your keyboard to move the target, press 'spcae bar' to shoot.
If the zombies touch the moat, you loose.

The boat will follow your mouse, collect the hearts, avoid the brown sides, the yellow sand area is the final destination.

Just answer the questions.

Memory Game - Feb 2018Dressing Up - June 2018Ping Pong - July 2018

Memories the colours changing on the monkey, then press on the colour drums in the same order using your mouse.

Just drag the clothings onto the person using your mouse.

The black board will follow your mouse, don't let the ball touch the lava or you loose.

Chatbox - Jan 2018  

Click the lion and answer his question, see what he says.